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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Trespassing Sign

I can understand some people getting a little "fussy" about their property rights. But I thought this sign was a little "over the edge" as far as getting the point across. If you're wondering why the picture is a little "fuzzy"'s because I wasn't about to get out of the car and argue about it.
I shot it (pun intended) right through the windshield as I drove down this lonely country road.

I was looking for a "radio spot" as I drove through the mountains and away from the valley.
On the topo maps, there was an isolated "peak" in this area at a little over 2,500 feet elevation. It was a "long shot" (and I was within a rifle shot from their front porch), but always worth the effort to get a little advantage with some height and no electrical noise.

I'm always looking for a good transmission point with my portable station.

I don't expect to explore this hollow anymore, since "both" of the country roads in this area "dead ended" onto someones property. It was difficult to turn the car around at the end of the road without using their driveways and driving here forced me to move slowly. It's easy to read the license plate on my car with a cheap pair of binoculars.

I love this hobby...... but I'd hate to get "shot for trespassing" on private property.

I always respect property rights but don't think (if I were the owner) I'd go to this extreme.

I think they got the point across.......


Dick said...

My French YL could not believe the amount of land in the middle of nowhere with "posted" signs nailed to every tree. She wanted to get out and do a bit of hiking but was worried about running into some back-woods wacko.

Very frustrating. Big turn-off.

73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,'s very true and very frustrating.

Unfortunately, marijuana is a large "cash crop" in some counties in this state. There's also a big issue with ATV's. They not only destroy the "peace and quite" of the woods but also do a lot of physical damage.

I think this sign is probably the result of one of the two, but I wasn't going to stop and ask questions.

Unknown said...

At least they must have some sense of humour. Given the state of the economy I think a lot of us are going to end up living in "Retired & Broke Drive."

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, I think it's funny... are they serious? I can understand you will not find out. ;-) The Netherlands is so small and crowded, but everywhere are 'no trespass' signs. Fire arms are forbidden in the Netherlands. The chance to get shot is minimal. 73 Paul

Jspiker said...

Hi Gang,

I guess only the locals will know for sure and being an "out of town-er", only they and the good Lord know for sure. I think this sign was actually a stab at a little humor but "who knows for sure" ? (I've ran across similar things over the years and they actually meant it).

It's common for country people to have a "house full" of guns. Many are hunters but pistols are common also.

My personal opinion is there are WAY too many firearms in this country. All it takes is one "nut" to shoot a dozen people. And it happens all too often over here.

I don't own one myself.

Ed N4EMG said...

I've seen that sign many times, but always posted in a manner that was meant to be humorous - places like a country store, gas station garage, mom and pop business, etc. But the thing is, even if the poster meant it as a joke, you'd have no way of knowing. Don't blame you for not taking a chance. I'd be high-tailing it out of there too!

Jspiker said...

Hello Ed,

Sorry to see you're not writing now. I think everyone has highs and lows, so maybe you will get back into the spirit again. You're a few steps up above me chasing all that DX. But for those that chase DX on a regular basis, I can't imagine a better blog.

I'm pretty simple here.

I throw in stuff that isn't really amateur radio related sometimes. But heck, its my blog, and I hope others at least find it amusing. Setting too high a standard creates a lot of unnecessary stress for me.

I'd be more than happy to add a link to yours if you choose to jump back into it.

I find those clues about pile ups very helpful in the rare times I try to compete with a mega station.

Sometimes I get lucky and snare one or two.

Ed N4EMG said...

Hi John and thanks so much for the nice comments about my blog. I'm starting to feel like I might have pulled the plug prematurely, but I'm still mulling over trying to do it again. My work schedule is crazy right now - but there's worse predicaments to be in considering the state of things right now.

I've followed your blog for a long time and I very much enjoy blogs where the focus isn't strictly on ham radio. It's nice to read an entry every now and then about what folks are up to outside of ham radio. It gives an insight into their lives that you might not get otherwise.

My wife is from WV and I grew up in East TN, so I know about traveling down hollers and up and down ridges :) You never know who or what you might run into!

73 Ed

Jspiker said...

Hello Ed,

How true and yes, I've stumbled onto marijuana patches in the woods. Chicken wire and plastic milk jugs are usually the clue.

BTW/ Watch out for the frying pans....If they have a good arm, WV women are famous for being able to bounce one off your head from nearly 20 ft.

Been there, done that.

I'm so glad wife # 3 is a peaceful sort. I got rid of wife #1, wife #2 got rid of me, this one's the best ever.

ps..I added a link to your blog on the page.