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Saturday, February 26, 2011

9A5W Velika Gorica--Croatia

I assumed the solar flux was "done" (its 88 right now) but this afternoon I worked several more DX stations on 20 meters. I'm not hearing a LOT of DX stations but they are VERY strong.

The adventure started yesterday when I worked another Nova Scotia station at about 1,000 miles (VE1HH) . George was in New Glasgow, which is located in the upper northern part of Nova Scotia. I was using 5 watts of power.  I also heard (but couldn't work) EA8CMY in the Canary Islands, which is off the coast of Africa.

Now for today.

Another blogger (PA1B) has been encouraging me to keep my power below 5 watts. (That makes it a little more exciting when jumping the 4,000 mile pond into Europe) and since I don't know how many times I been "just under" the 1000 mile per watt award, (while using 5 watts), I took his advice and lowered my power to 4 watts.

This afternoon, I worked another Nova Scotia station (VE1BA) in Kingston. John was using a Yeasu FT 817 at 3 watts and he sounded great. I worked him easily while I was using 4 watts of power. We've worked previously.

Just a few moments later I heard a very loud F6 station (France) and just a few moments later, I heard a very loud 9A5W (Croatia) station. I needed to send my call twice but he immediately came back and acknowledged me and my QRP status.

This station is the "third" now that qualifies me for the 1,000 mile per watt award. Sometimes I'm just in the right place at the right time. I was really glad I was at 4 watts and  9A5W was 4,722.7 miles from me.

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Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, well done. I have experienced that when condition are sloping down, nice propagation is expected. 73 Paul