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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

French QSL Card

Quite a signal and a fast card....and the best of all, no postage. 

If I remember right, my last $5.00 card was sent and received from a QSL manager in Moscow Russia. It was actually for a contact, in another country, but his info on QSZ specifically said "don't send cash, my postman loves US dollars". In these electronic days....these are fine with me. 


Dick said...

Hi John. Unless I receive a DIRECT QSL (not bureau), I can't respond as I don't have a bureau. I go with e-QSL. Some folks say if one can't afford to send a mailed QSL, they shouldn't be in the hobby. That is rubbage. I haven't a bureau. If I get a direct card, I presume the other operator doesn't have a bureau either, or is really interested in receiving my card post haste. In those cases I am happy to directly oblige.

My health insurance plan I'm(retired) went up 30%! That's less disposable income.

BTW, I wish e-QSL hams would throw a few bucks/euros at the site and create some interesting cards. It's so easy.

73 Dick

Jspiker said...

For some reason....there was an error in posting this comment. I have cut and pasted in order to show it...

Hello John, Yes, working with QRP is great fun. Patience and propagation are the main ingredients. The contest is an excellent way to make QSO's with very low power. When signals peak to S9+10dB or more, I use 50 mW or even less, using an atennuator. FB on your 5 watt QSO with F6HKA Over the years, I made many contest QSO's with Bertran, with a power from 5 Watts down to 50 mW, over 470 miles. hi He has a station with excellent ears. The up coming ARRL-DX contest offers an excellent opportunity to work with QRP, with 5 Watts or even lower. I noticed that some stations are completely confused by my exchange: 599 1, when using 1 watt. hi Don't worry about solar flux, just use the lowest possible power and have great FUN. If you are interested in how I use the lowest possible power in each QSO, please visit my web site. Have great fun with QRP, 73, Bert PA1B
By Bert, PA1B on Limoges France Contact at 3:51 AM