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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My 2nd Contact in Bulgaria

(picture by Nikolay Angelou via Wikipedia)

The 20 meter band is still strong today as I tuned around the blistering ARRL DX Contest. My prize catch this morning was LZ2SO in Bulgaria. That's 5,169 miles and qualifies for another 1000 MPW award.

But I just can't take the wear and tear on the ears.

I admit it's too much for me.....

I was happy to again work G0LZL in Manchester England, and a station in France (F6NTV). I've done my best and heard stations in Sweden, Finland and many other European countries. I've worked (but can't find the info) several others. The Solar Flux has dropped a bit but the bands still hot. This gives me a taste of real DX conditions. Realistically, I don't have the rig or antenna to compete at this level. But it's been exciting to make a few great contacts.


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello John,

Congrats on your more than 1000 MPW QSO with LZ2SO. I was suprise that it is more than 5000 miles, but it is.

I often try to use the lowest possible power in each QSO. I only increase power when I am sure that my signal is not heard. In QSO's with the US and Canada I try 2.5 watts. This gives more than 1000 MPW. hi You can do the same in QSO's with with the west of Europe.

I also paticipated in the ARRL DX contest with the FT-817 and an Inv. V on 20 m and met stations with good antennas and Excellent Ears. I made 12 QSO's with 5W, 19 with 2.5W and just 1 with 1W.

Some big stations are completely puzzled by my 599 003, when I use 2.5 watts. So I have to repeat 3W 3W. It is great fun to hear from a big station: 3W FB GL TU. hi

Even with low sunspots,is it still possible to make 1000 MPW QSO's in every contest, when I reduce my power. Just try 500mW, 1W or 2.5 watt, to breach the 1000 MPW boundry.
GL and have FUN in QRP,

73, Bert PA1B

Jspiker said...

Hello Bert,

If I only had an antenna out in the open and with some height Hihi.....I too, like to always use the lowest possible power.

I find it exciting to work ANY station with a watt or less, regardless of the distance, and my rig will drop down to one half watt, but I usually get about 300 miles (on 40 meters).

When the weather gets warm again, I'll be out in the field with my dipoles.

I've never tried the Isotron antenna (up around 40 ft high) but understand they work pretty well at those heights. I'm amazed mine work decently here in the middle of town. I'm in a terrible location which is in a narrow valley with an apartment building next door.

You've got an interesting web site there with a nice view of your antenna. Yes...I agree QRP is a real challenge but an enormous amount of fun. It's the only mode I've used for the last 15 years.

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello John,
I am impressed by your Isotron antenna. It's short and effective.
I just read an article in Dutch about the Isotron. It's like a vertical a good DX antenna, with a low angle.
I was wondering, to get out of the valley, you could try to place the Isotron horizontally, so the signal goes up.

On holiday I bring my FT-817 and make QSO's on wire antennes from the hotel. I discovered that the mean thing is propagation, then ativity and the antenne.

I once made a QSO with Japan from Turkye with 1W on a 18 feet wire, completely surrounded by other buildings. That is only propagation.

Most of the 1000 miles per watt QSO's I make with 500 mW or less. If I reduces from 5 W to 1 W, to answer a CQ, the signal is only one S-point less, but it boosts the "miles per watt" 5x. hi

I am very lucky that it can place an inverted Vee antenna on my roof.

72, 73, Bert PA1B

Jspiker said...

Hello again Bert,

I worked a station in Nebraska (996 miles) this afternoon using 3 watts and was getting a 589 report. We were both shocked but before we could continue, we both vanished into the noise. Strictly propagation as you noted. hihi

I don't have a technical background so can't explain all the details about the antenna radiation. But I have read that it's similar to a vertical antenna. My experiences seem to confirm that.

I've also heard the coax actually radiates but since I only feed it with 10 feet, that puzzles me. Until I get out of this valley, it will have to do.....

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello John,

Ok on the excellent Isotron.
It is really a fine antenna for the situation.

Just keep an eye on the S-meter, and use your distance awareness, before answering a CQ.
A distance of just more than 500 miles, for you to Florida, asks for a maximum power of 500 milliwatts.
But use more if you just want to make the QSO. I do the same. hi

Goodnight, GL
72, 73, Bert PA1B