My Most Recent QSO's

Sunday, April 10, 2011

France F6HKA

I'd been listening to the SSB portion of 20 meters again this afternoon and was hearing several Italian and English stations. I knew they weren't loud enough for me to work them. But it did tell me the band was again open to Europe.

When I went to CW mode, I immediately heard F6HKA calling CQ WES from France. I knew the call sounded familiar, and sure enough, I worked Bert back in February of this year.

I find it a little eerie when a DX station returns my call and says GE John......

Of course, this is a fantastic shack. (I keep my computer in another room so usually don't have the info pulled up on the screen)  Hihi

We exchanged SKCC #'s. Bert is also a Fists member.

He was my 37th DX contact back in November. Today he is # 67....hey, thats about 30 contacts later in 60 days?????

Yeehhh...........I'm proud of that!


Larry W2LJ said...


Congrats on working all the DX as of late. It is fun, isn't it? Every time I have a DX QSO, it amazes me as to "watt" 5 Watts will do!

Larry W2LJ

Jspiker said...

Hello Larry,

Yes, definitely. Especially here at 600 ft elevation-- between these two hills-- in the middle of town etc.

I didn't get into the hobby until the end of the last solar cycle and didn't realize it would be common place to do this....I've had a blast these last two months.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi John, it must be a hot spot there with your antennas. Really great achievements. 73 Paul

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Nice work John!

I stayed up late Saturday working the WES and worked Bert on 40 meters about 3 am local time. Was our first qso on 40 meters. As usual he was booming into Ohio.


Jspiker said...

Hello Mike...I was amazed at his signal on 20 meters. Armchair copy! I've been averaging a DX station every other day now. I'm sure it won't last forever but it's sure been fun so far.