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Friday, July 8, 2011

LZ3YP Bulgaria

I've been hearing a few DX stations the last several days but haven't been able to work them. This evening I heard LZ3YP in Bulgaria (all by herself) on 14.053. I was ecstatic to work another "1000 MPW" station at 5,126 miles with my 5 watts of power. Ana was nice enough to repeat her call sign for me, to make sure I had it correctly. I was careful to put the / QRP at the end of my exchange.

My goal of 100 DX contacts is very close now. This is my third contact in Bulgaria. I also have LZ2BE and LZ2SO in the log book. These have been my most distant contacts on 20 meters. I'm proud of all three of them.

Ana (LZ3YP) is DX contact number 99......just one more to go.

I hope this weekend will complete my quest.

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Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, good performance, you get your goal by the end of the year. That's for sure. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul