My Most Recent QSO's

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YT9M Serbia

This was a VERY difficult contact as he was hearing me much better than I was hearing him. I asked him to repeat his call several times but I kept missing it. I was hearing YE0M, which I couldn't find ANYWHERE in the books.

I find myself pushing the envelope with many "fast" code operators. Just a small lapse in concentration and an E becomes a T and a 0 becomes a 9. It took me several times to distinguish the "T" and the number "9".

Maybe I'm just getting older (and the ears aren't what they used to be) but sometimes I find myself not able to distinguish "dots and dashes" correctly at high speed. On my keyer, (to allow for this) I have the length for the dashes set a little longer than normal and find this to be useful when above the 20 wpm speed.

YT9M is just short of 5,000 miles and another good catch.

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