My Most Recent QSO's

Friday, October 14, 2011

LZ1MS Sofia Bulgaria

I was amazed this afternoon when I heard this station (LZ1MS) calling (and answering) many CQ's on 14.028 MHz. I thought he was local with a 579 signal.

As I listened, I soon realized he was in Bulgaria, had an excellent fist, and enjoyed his conversations. As he finished a long QSO, and asked for another station, I was surprised when he answered my call almost immediately.

During the chat, I mentioned my 5 watt QRP signal and he asked for my antenna. I sent "Indoor Isotron" and he repeated it back to me to confirm. I think he was surprised. For those unfamiliar with an Isotron antenna, my 20 meter antenna is about the length of a roll of paper towels.

He's very well known in Bulgaria. He is a professor of Economics and International Business at the University of National and World Economy.  Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, a past member of Parliament and past Chairman of the Commission on Sustainable Development. UN.

Ramen (LZ1MS) was running a kilowatt into a six element beam up about 75 feet.He had the best signal I've ever heard from distance of over 5,000 miles.  He is my fourth contact in Bulgaria, and qualifies for another "thousand miles per watt award". (#13)

My other contacts have been LZ3YP, LZ2SO and LZ2B.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

John, Maybe you better turn the power down on that big gun station of yours -It's getting to easy. Hi!

No doubt you can meet some interesting people on the ham bands.

VE9KK said...

That Iso Tron sure does work wonders for you and it is inside to boot. With the propagation the way it only but boosts the performance of the antenna.

Jspiker said...

Hello Guys,

Yes...I've been very lucky this year and a few times, I've used less than five watts.

Using four watts...... I've worked France three times, Germany twice, Spain, and the Czech Republic. With a watt, I worked Puerto Rico, and got a good signal report. (my best)

I also find it amazing that a low power transmitter can go so far with such a little (indoor) antenna. But the most amazing contacts for me are those who are also running "barefoot" QRP.

A contact I worked in the Canary Islands this year was using a long wire stretched from his balcony to a palm tree. He was at a tourist resort.