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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Nice Card AA1IK

Yesterdays DX contacts were a nice addition to the log book, but just before sunset, I heard what I thought was probably a QRP station sending CQ from the upper parts of the US. But when I answered the call, Ernest (AA1IK) gave me a QTH in Florida. Not a real long distance, but, for me at least, another 2 x QRP contact is a prized catch. This is a really nice "card" in my book.....especially coming from another QRP station using a simple antenna. (actually a mag loop)

I've worked 121 DX stations now, but every time I work another QRP station using a "simple wire antenna", I get just as much an adrenalin rush as those "big gun" stations across the pond. This Florida contact was a difficult catch (both of us were 229) but, to me at least, this is the ultimate pleasure on the air waves.

Ernest (AA1IK) has an especially nice QSL card (above). It's a great example of what I think makes a "good" card. Being a fellow QRP operator, I'll always remember this one. He is also my 267th  2 X QRP QSO. I'm not talking about "contest contacts" here. These are actual "QSO's". I cherish every one of them.


Dick said...

Nice example of what can be created, with a little effort, on an e-QSL.

73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Yep...that one captures the ocean in Florida superbly.

Hope things in France are coming along fine.

I listen to the radio station in Amsterdam occasionally (web) because it's similar to Charleston.

Things here are about the same. Festering and about ready to pop any day now. Hope I'm on vacation when it happens....I might not come back.