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Sunday, November 20, 2011

More on the new Antenna

It doesn't get any easier to get on the air than using this basic, but functional, 10 meter end fed dipole. This morning, I had intended to get outside with the radio but when I looked out the window, it was raining. The weather report said "sunshine" and temp in the mid 60's, it's a shame it's in liquid form.

Not to despair, it took only 5 minutes to string up the new antenna, and being only 17 ft long, it's a "piece of cake" to get up and running. I've installed a "hook" in the bathroom door frame now, but this morning, I still used a piece of "kite string" wrapped around an ink pen which I placed behind the door and drew tight with an old Navy knot called a "taunt line hitch". It allows the knot to slide along but remain steadfast when pressure is applied on the line. (that's just a simple loop around the ink pen)

Another few seconds to attach the coax, and I'm on the air again.

I didn't find the band in good shape this morning,  but I immediately worked DG1KAH in Germany. (SSB) She gave me a good signal report.

This weekend, there's a "SS" contest here in the United States and it made it difficult for me to make DX contacts. I don't have "filters" in the radio but I heard strong French, Ireland, and English stations.

I feel confident I could have worked (if not for the noise) GI0AIJ in Northern Ireland, who by the way, sounded much better than 99% of the US stations. I also heard a very strong VO1KVT in Newfoundland.

I heard several Caribbean stations and worked NP2B in St. Criox, the Virgin Islands, with just 4 watts. (SSB)

It's puzzling, but I did not hear many "CW" operators on the band. There were a few "beacons",  but they were "few" CW operators. I don't quite understand this, since it was quite easy to work anything in the United States and Western Canada with single side band. (cw is twice the distance with half the power)

Now that I have the "hook" installed in the top of the bathroom door facing, I'll be looking forward to spending more time on 10 meters. As I said earlier, set up and take down is less than 5 minutes, and it seems, with good conditions, I should be able to work many DX stations.

This is going to be lots of fun.


Jim said...

I am always in search of easy antennas, this one looks good.
Best Regards - Jim W2KLM

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello John, A half wave end fed is working great. You can even hang the antenna outside too, get a better result.
I have often used an end fed antenna on holiday. The and fed half wave, with a 300 ohm ribbon, to avoid a complex ground system, is my favorite holiday antenna. Good luck and good DX. 73, Bert

Dick said...

Hi John. Tell me, how high up is the antenna? First floor, second floor? Do you have a full attic above the antenna, or a crawl space. Asking to see how effective this antenna might be from my apartment in the States. 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hi Dick,

It's on the second floor, which would be about 25 feet. I have an attic area, but I'd rather use the antenna this way. When I get the notion, I like the option of operating outdoors.