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Saturday, March 7, 2009

ARRL Good Operator Report

As I was attempting my second contact with an operator, near the California border, last month (see recent post) a station in Wisconsin dropped me an e-mail about my 599 signal into his part of the woods.

Frank (W9GOC) was a little over 500 miles from my QTH here in Charleston.
Although we didn't talk (he was getting ready to leave for work) he was amazed at my signal strength and followed up with a NICE card which I received in the mail upon my return home a few days ago. This isn't a QSL card, but I will always cherish this as one of my MOST prized possessions.
I take pride in communicating with a good "fist" and using good operating procedures. I always match the sending speed of the other operator and if given a weak report, I'll send the critical info at a much reduced speed and also send it "twice" to make sure it's copied correctly.
(I think the most important aspect of CW is communicating with the other station, NOT impressing them with my speed and command of abbrevations).
I'm by no means the BEST CW operator in the world (don't even come close on the SPEED issue) but to receive this card (completely unexpected) was a real treat to me.
Frank (W9GOC) didn't have to take the time, to look up my postal address, and go the expense of sending me this....that's what makes this card so precious!
I'll always display it proudly here in the shack.
The "Good Operator Report" is a function of "Official Observers" section of the Amateur Auxiliary to the FCC. I didn't know the group existed, but I'm happy it does....
Getting this card just "made my day".

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