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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Polar Bear In Illinois

Yesterday was an exceptional day for working QRP operators on the 7040 MHz frequency. I had no less than 6 QRP X QRP contacts, as I was doing some computer work with the radio "on" in the background. Every time I would hear a strong station, I'd stop what I was working on, and run into the next room, where I keep my rig and antenna's.

Towards the later afternoon, I heard fellow NAQCC member # 2015 sending CQ de N9SKN/P from Lombard, Illinois. Aaron was sitting at a picnic table, at the highest point in Lombard that he could find on this cold and frigid day.

Polar Bears are like that, Grrrrrrrr the colder the better!

I've got to admire these guys that operate "portable" in conditions like today.
Aaron is also Polar Bear # 126 of their club of "cold weather enthusiasts".

Aaron has a great "web site" via the page. You owe it to yourself to spend a little time looking over the information about QRP radio and portable operations. I found it very amusing to view the video clip about the "mystery radio".

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