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Friday, May 15, 2009

1000 miles a watt

I'd really like to work a station at a thousand miles or better with a watt! I've come very close several times (at the 5 watt level) but just can't seem to get another 500 miles or so...

Twenty meters is my best chance (although it's possible on 40 meters).

On 40 meters, this means stations from Western Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and onward to California. On 20 meters, this means Eastern Europe (4,000 miles at 4 watts).

I think California, at 2 watts, will do it on 20 meters also. (2,000 miles at 2 watts)

For all those reading the blog regularly, please contact me if you have a "really good pair of ears" ! I'd love to set up a schedule and attempt the "jump" at your leisure.

I can move to the field on a nice day for a 20 meter contact!

Thanks in advance....

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