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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Calgary Alberta Canada 1,796.4 miles

I did something this weekend that I don't do often. I used the microphone....

I've always enjoyed working "Special Event Stations". I think they're a great way to draw attention to historical dates and (sometimes) just kool stuff that's happening in the world.

Last June, I worked this "monster station" in Calgary (VE6AO) during the "Calgary Stampede", which is a "cowboy" event, that's known all over of world. I have a friend that plays music there. (I'm a guitar and piano player) I heard, and worked them on the "first" try this afternoon, on 14.246.

I also knocked myself out trying to work a "Lighthouse" in upper Maine but my signal was evidently shooting right over him. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't work AA1KS but it was fun trying.

I also listened to the "Boeing Bears" in Seattle Washington on 14.272. That's stands for Boeing Aircraft Company.

I thought there might be a chance to catch someone at Dayton this weekend, on 80 meters, but haven't heard anything at all. Dayton is just too close, as is Maine, but given the space of nearly 2,000 miles, the west coast is just perfect.

The Calgary station (VE6AO) was broadcasting from the "Calgary DX Club Station".
He had me in the log book from last June and mentioned it to me. They copied my 10 watts at 5x4. They've got a LOT of aluminum in the air!

You should check out their club web site....very impressive!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like one heck of an enjoyable weekend John, and makes me want to tune up into the phone portion of the band to see what all I've been missing.

Thanks for sharing your excellent adventure with us all!

73 de Jeff, KE9V

Jspiker said...

Hi Jeff, Thanks for stopping by and saying "hello". About the only time you will hear me on SSB is working a "special event station".

SSB is like shooting fish in a barrell. Hihi

Love your blog...(all of them).

Keep up the good work!


Dick said...

Nice going with your ten watts. I have an old, beloved ten-watter TS-130V in addition to the FT-817. So, also QRP. But only CW. Sad to see many special event stations celebrating a radio event or personality of the the very early days, not having a CW operator on watch.

Seems ridiculous to me.

Dick N2UGB

Jspiker said...

I've only worked one "net" or "special event" station with CW since I first started into Ham radio.

It was a "marine net" He was using SSB on the 40 meter CW portion of the band. The operator was in Canada and made the statement "any station, any mode" call now. I was using a MFJ 9040 at the time with a random wire from New York.

I got a big kick out of it and I think he enjoyed it also. He had some REALLY nice comments about my qrp station. He was very accomodating!!

Yes....I've often wished that I could "check in" also with the control operator with CW.

The perfect example is the Navy Radio Club on 7245 MHz. When I first joined the club, I could get someone to hear me quite often but the band has changed since that time. Net control operators routinley change also and it's RARE for someone to hear me now.

Believe it or not, I've tried CW on that freq....(perfectly legal now) but the control station probably has his rig set for SSB. They still don't hear me....

I'll probably let my membership lapse with that club....I love those guys but just can't talk to them on the net now. It's a loss for both of us.

John N8ZYA