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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm an even tempered person and slow to anger but it makes me furious to hear a "BIG" station "tuning up" on the 7040 frequency. Don't they have a clue?

I was working one of the most unusual call signs I've ever heard (and a new one for me) this evening when someone (aka LID) started "tuning up" right on top of us. And without any notice what so ever. No CQCQ, no IMI...nothing.

I wasn't the only one disgusted with this display of arrogance and ignorance, and at least two other stations, that I could hear, broke into a LID LID LID repetition towards this individual. It gave me the feeling that he MUST have been running (at least) 100 watts and doing this deliberately. The signal here in WV was 20+ the entire time.

I don't know who you were, but come on....a little courtesy goes a long way.

Despite the obstruction, I was able to work AA9AA using a Tuna Tin at 2 watts from Manitowac, Wisconsin. I shifted the center carrier freq a bit and used the "reverse mode" on the 703. worked, I can't explain it, but it worked.

Congratulations Mark...the best 2 watt signal I've ever heard on the air.

It got through the QRM'er just fine!'s now almost half an hour past the initial contact and I can still hear it!

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