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Thursday, May 21, 2009

NAQCC Monthly Sprint

I was ecstatic to work a dozen stations in the NAQCC sprint last night. It was my best effort to date, with the solar flux at only 72. It seemed to be the magic number for me (72) because the band was "short". It enable me to work 9 different states.
By no means a "quality score" (you have to remember I'm using an indoor antenna) but I got a real "high" working this contest. My best so far has been about 7 QSO's and if I had thought, I could have worked the same station on three different bands. (Something to think about on the next one)

I was lucky to work K3WWP (# 2 and VP of the club) I now have #1 and #2 in the log.

I was sure glad to get a confirming e-mail this morning on a "portable-mobile" station I worked last night. N7RVD is traveling around the country in his RV and I thought I had the state incorrect on the log last night. His home QTH is Washington. I copied VA and assumed it was an error.

This was a real joy for me and a great opportunity to add a "dozen" QRP stations to the log book.

This afternoon I will attempt a 2,000 mile 2 watt contact in Nevada on 20 meters.
I haven't been making a lot of progress on the 1,000 mile award best has been K1IQI in Massachusetts. I worked him a few days ago with 2 watts on 40 meters. (500 miles)
The Sprint results are here:
NAQCC May 2009 Sprint

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