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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boy Scout Camp in WV

I was delighted to see the "Boy Scouts" choice of a new "national jamboree" site in West Virginia today. It was in this mornings newspaper . The location is about an hours drive from here and located near the New River Gorge. (it's about 60 miles long). The New River Gorge is my favorite hiking spot in this state and I've spent many hours hiking, rafting, kayaking, biking, and geocaching in this area.
The Boy Scouts have been negotiating with the state for several years about this choice for a new "high adventure" base in the United States. The "National Jamboree" status is an "added bonus" because every four years, it will bring us around 40,000 scouts and 200,000 visitors a year.

I've always considered West Virginia a real "gold mine" for outdoor adventures since we have an abundance to offer in this realm. West Virginia is a wonderful place to live, howbeit a difficult place to earn a decent wage. We're a poor rural state that is controlled mostly by "out of state" coal mining conglomerates. But in a paradox of events, this location is the site of an old "strip mine". It's a wonderful use of rare flat land.

This Boy Scout site will be a real improvement and addition to our tourism industry. Originated by Baden-Powell (of English ancestry), the Boy Scouts have "world wide activities" designed to promote leadership and responsible citizenship for its members. There is the "distinct possibility" that this site might also become the site of the "World Jamboree" in the near future.

Most Hams are aware of the yearly " Jamboree on the Air " event in the United States. Hopefully, this new site will grow some new Amateur Radio Operators in West Virginia. I can see right now that I need to review the Boy Scouts " Radio Merit Badge ". This large gathering is going to need some good teachers.

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