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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Club Membership

I've been making a bunch of contacts on the 40 meter CW QRP frequencies this week and can't figure out why there are so few memberships in FREE clubs. It's not that CW use is declining. As a matter of fact, I believe it's just the opposite.

So.........Why would YOU not join a "free" club?

I admit my criticisms are for "selfish reasons" but I bet, out of my last dozen contacts, there's only been one or two that are members of ANY club. I just don't understand......

I'm very partial to QRP contacts and belong to three different CW clubs. Every one of which has oodles of "awards" for making contacts with their members. I can understand that you can't join ALL the clubs out there, but there are very few that charge for membership. You can probably guess where I'm going with this now....

Maybe this is an explanation:

1. It cost too much money (free is pretty cheap)
2. I don't have a computer to keep up on club activities. (there's one in every library)
3. I just don't like groups. (why did you go to the trouble of getting your ticket?)
4. I don't know how to read and write (the very less said about this the better)
5. I'm not very good with code (who cares as long as you can send your Call, Name, RST, and QTH? )

As I said earlier, all my criticism is for selfish reasons. (I like those club contacts) but if it doesn't cost anything, at least give me the pleasure of adding to my list of club contacts by getting a free membership number. It's painless, there's NO hidden fees, there's NO fine's FREE.

(All said with a sense of humor)

End of Rant......


Dick said...

Not a rant at all!

I am member of Flying Pigs just for the fun of it. Also QRP-ARCI and subscribe to the quarterly review.

Unknown said...

I think people only join things for what they can get out of it. I belong to the non-free RSGB, ARRL, G-QRP and QRPARCI mainly because I get a good magazine every month or quarter.

If I join some free club I will probably get a membership number that I can give out on the air, and the chance to take part in some contests. But I don't collect things (QSLs, countries, prefixes, numbers) and I'm not a contester. So there is nothing in it for me, really.

Jspiker said...

Hi Gang,

I'm a member of several. I enjoy the NAQCC Club the best and then the FISTS club. (fee for magazine) The SKCC club is another good one for us that use a straight key. I also belong to Flying Pigs.

Although there's no club number, I love "Fox Hunting" when I get the chance to participate in a chase. (I guess it's really contesting but I love the challenge of catching the "fox" and it's strickly a QRP event)

I guess I've developed a fondness for "certificates" and think it's fun to always work towards some sort of goal.

I've dropped my memberships with SSB groups because I just don't enjoy participating in all that "noise".

I like those NAQCC and FISTS contacts the very best.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, I must admit that I don't like clubs. I am a member of VERON but I don't visit club evenings. Sometimes when I speak the QSL manager (a very busy job) I feel a bit guilty. Maybe I am a little autistic in a way. I like being on my own. Sorry...
73, Paul PC4T