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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

International Space Station on 3860 MHz.

I've known (for many years) about the re-transmission of the Space Station broadcasts but haven't heard them in probably 5 or more years.

This morning, as I was tuning around on the 80 meter band, I heard them on 3860 MHz @ 1300z.

I'd almost guarantee they're coming from the "Goddard Space Center" in Greenbelt Maryland. You can "google" them for frequencies on the other bands. I'm sure they will be on 40 meters and maybe also 20 meters.

This morning they were inspecting the "heat shields" with a camera attached the giant robotic arm on the station. It's always an interesting thing to listen to them at any time of the day or night but it's also neat to "watch them" cross the early morning or evening sky in your area. A lot of people don't realize they can be seen with the "naked eye". Sometimes they look like an airplane crossing the sky here in Charleston.

I always use the "Heavens Above" site on the right side of the blog to get my viewing times here in West Virginia.

On another note....the "one day a year" broadcast of Radio St Helena turned out to be a real bummer this year. I don't know of ANYONE that heard them here in the United States. Don't know what the problem was but evidently I wasn't the only one hearing "nothing".

I have a link to the local FM station on St Helena on the right side of this blog. I'll be listening from time to time to (hopefully) understand the reasons they couldn't be heard this year in the US. Maybe it's propagation and nothing more?

Bye for's another beautiful day today and I plan to spend it riding the mountain bike in the woods. It's just too nice to spend a day indoors.


Adam said...

My Mum & Dad are fascinated by the Space Shuttle and love to watch it cross the Cornish sky. I have tried a few times here in Torquay but had no luck. I don't think I have their enthusiasm though!

However I would love to hear ISS audio re-transmitted an HF and have tried that many times (to no avail) in the past.

Likewise we had a beautiful day here in SW England today - too good for staying indoors. So Bradley the intrepid traveller and I went out on the train. I got a lovely CD of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet and Kegelstatt Trio for £1. Then walked along a windy and sunny beach. Beautiful.

73 for now, Adam

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, I didn't know there are transmissions on HF, I will look or it, thanks. I was listening for Radio St Helena, but I didn't hear anything. Its a bit strange that they transmit to Europe at 22.00 UTC, at that time the MUF is far below 11 MHz, and there isn't any propagation at that time. Today we expect the first autumn storm, up to 90 km/hour. This afternoon we take a walk along the beach, to watch waterline and waves. 73 Paul

Jspiker said...

Hi Gang,

Yesterday was a beautiful day here also and it was great to spend it in the woods hiking. (change of plans at the last moment)

The "club" station here in the US re-broadcasts the ISS feed on 3860-7185 and 14.2925. I didn't hear it this morning on the 80 meter freq but used to listen to the downlink VHF freq (I think 145.80 ??)and listen as it went overhead for a few minutes.

"Google" the "Goddard Amateur Radio Club" for all the details.

FB on the Mozart...TKS Paul on the MUF info. That would explain everything. Poor choice of times to the US.

I heard from my friend in Norfolk this morning (via e-mail)'s up and running (along with the electric) but still NO phone.

Those storms can really set things back a bit.