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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SKCC California contact @ 2,038 miles

I love a "straight key" and use my "100" year old Bunnell key on most of my CW contacts. It was given to me "free" (postage paid) by an anonymous ham from an estate collection. I consider it priceless and I will pass it along to another deserving ham in my very senior years.

The "Straight Key Century Club" is celebrating their 4th anniversary this month with operators transmitting from all 10 zones. Sad to say, I wasn't aware of it, but it seems every day I hear the special K3Y call on the bands. (this has been a very difficult month because my son in law had a heart attack at the age of 33).

Yesterday evening around sunset (that magic hour of ham radio) I worked an additional 2 stations in the club event. This makes 5 out of a possible 10 that I've worked now with QRP power and a simple indoor antenna.

Yesterday evening, my first was the K3Y/7 station in Washington State and then, almost immediately afterwards, I worked N6WK in Santa Ana California. Gordon (N6WK) is the #6 operator and also one of the founders of the SKCC Club. (K3Y/6)

He holds the SKCC # 3T.

I haven't been making a conscious effort to work these stations. But when I hear those special 1x1 calls, they just seem to shout at me on the air. In the last few weeks I've worked the California, Washington, New York, Wisconsin, and Virginia stations. It's surprised me.

My son in law had a "stint" placed in the main artery into the heart and is improving slowly but he's still very much a worry with his current health. I was called there a few days ago and worried I might have to do CPR (which would have surly killed him anyway). I was fortunately spared that option when the paramedics arrived. To look at him, he's in excellent health, in great physical shape but only 33 years old.

I'd appreciate all you guys and gals out there to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. My daughter and her husband have 5 kids to rear between them.

Up Date:...worked K3Y/1 in Rhode Island this evening. (this makes my sixth for the club).

Update...worked K3Y/8 in Reed City Michigan on 1/27/10 @ 2028z (7052 MHz)
I now only need # 3-5-0 for the certificate.


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, I hope your son in law will recover soon. He is really too young to suffer from a heart disease. And 2038 miles is a great achievement. Well done! 73 Paul

Dick said...

John, I was very sorry to learn of your son's condition. My brother was 40 when he suffered a serious heart attack. Stress, fast-food, cigarettes. Comes with being a traveling salesman. Now has a defib in his chest. Is 60 and doing well. A life-style change also.

John, I would be interested in the band you are using when you make some nice contacts. Do post that with your reports.

GL to you and family.

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Thanks for the concern about the son in law. I hope this will result in a life style change also. I used to fall into the "young and immortal" category also so know it's pitfalls.

All my longer contacts are with the little 20" Isotron on 20 meters. The only "exception" is the 40 meter contact with Rome Italy a few weeks ago.

Last night I worked the additional Rhode Island contact on 40 meters.

I take it for granted and forgot to mention it in the post.