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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wall to Wall DX

The solar flux is an astounding 125 today and the 20 meter band is alive with European stations. I'm assuming there is a BIG contest, since I easily worked DL5A in Luftjensee Germany (with just a few tries) using the split mode. The band is so charged, that without filters on my rig, most of it sounds like a beehive. 

In another few minutes G0LZL in Manchester England was in the log book. Just a few minutes afterward I logged EF7S in the Canary Islands. (I can't find that one in the call book but that's what he was sending). Most of these operators were sending around 30 wpm or more. Yes....there's the possibility of me hearing it wrong. Hihi 

I'm sure that I could have worked MANY more stations but I just didn't have the patience to fight my way through the beehive. I'm happy to work these few and turn off the radio. 

This really isn't pleasant for me. At QRP power, and an 18" indoor antenna,  it's a little too much today. 


Larry W2LJ said...


It's the ARRL DX Contest - CW portion. 10 and 15 Meters were absolutely hopping too! I worked easily into South America and some of the "new" Caribbean nations (from the break up of the Netherland Antilles). I hope conditions are as good tomorrow!

72 de Larry W2LJ

Jspiker said...

Hello Larry....I've been so ridiculously busy this month that I don't know if I'm coming or going. I'm in a mode where I just turn on the radio and hope somethings going on....Hihi.

Thanks for the info....if I only had filters or an antenna stretched high in the trees. Living here in the middle of town, with something like this happening is a real bummer.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello John, this is your chance to actually work some DX with your modest setup at home. I think a lot of (QRP) stations are taking advantage of this contest. 73, Bas