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Thursday, March 17, 2011

KE7PZX in Washington State

The solar flux has dropped again, and predictably, I haven't heard DX for the last week. But it seems, when the bands can't get much worse, I'm amazingly skipping signals to the 2,000 mile range, even when I hardly hear a thing on the bands. I guess there are some stations that are "just in the right spot at the right time".

Such seems to be the case with KE7PZX in Chelan Washington. (the state). This small town (pop. 3522) is only at 1,129 feet elevation. I've worked Al six different times now and we're able to exchange the basics about our rigs, antenna, and weather. I think thats amazing considering my indoor antenna and QRP power. My log book now shows 15 different contacts in the state of Washington.

My other contacts seem to be a single bounce at the 1,000 mile range. With the very poorest conditions, I still work Texas quite easily. And....I always enjoy working another QRP station in Sherbrooke, Canada. I've worked VE2PID many times with his 3 watts.

I still continue to reduce my power to the absolute minimum when I hear a very strong station. Last night I worked another station (WA4BNO) and also (W9OAW) with 1 watt of power. I love the comments from the other station when I do this....

I worked another "lighthouse on the air" a few days ago. AA1KS was sending CQ from Moose Island Maine next to the Canadian border.

I've been listening (desperately) again for Arnie (CO2KK/QRP) in Havana Cuba, but I'm not hearing anything farther south than Florida. Arnie e-mailed me last week and said he would mention me on his radio program "Dxers Unlimited". which is broadcast on 6000 MHz  and 6050 MHz on the 49 meter band.

I thought I had missed it, due to obligations at the state capitol. I was elated when I caught the English transmission the next evening. He commented on my attempt to work him and read my e-mail on the air. I still have high hopes to work him when the band gets better.

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