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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Number 50-- TI5N Costa Rica DX Contact

This morning was a mile stone for me....My 50th DX contact with my modest QRP station!

The 20 meter band is again hopping (like a jumping frog). I worked TI5N in Alajuela Costa Rica this morning while listening to the continued ARRL International  DX contest this weekend. I chose this photograph because Costa Rica is known as one of the most Eco friendly places on this planet. Beware of small brightly colored frogs tho.....most are highly toxic and can be very deadly by just touching them with your finger.

The solar flux is 135.

It's been a good weekend for a QRP operator here in the United States. It's difficult to believe I can be heard amongst the "serious DX'ers" while using a 10 watt SSB signal and a 'no gain' antenna. All the credit really goes to those with a great rig, a massive antenna array, and exceptional filtering. But this is exciting for me nonetheless.

While listening for a "close" DX station I might be able to work, I was hearing 9A1A and 9A7V (both in Croatia), OH8X in Finland, and RL3A in Moscow Russia. I could probably work a few more stations this afternoon but I've accomplished my goal and I'm happy to sit on the sideline awhile.

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