My Most Recent QSO's

Sunday, July 10, 2011

PR2B Brazil

Last but not least PR2B was a new country also, and # 104 in the log book. I'll be gathering my information for the DXCC award now. It may take awhile but just knowing I have finally worked over 100 DX contacts with an 18" antenna and QRP power makes me happy.


Dick said...

John, sincere congrats on all your recent DX successes. Well done.

Jspiker said...

I keep telling everyone the only explanation is the one million dollars of gold on the Capitol dome (just up the street) . It act's like a magnet, sort of....but I can't get anyone to believe me. Some say "all that is gold does not glitter".... but I think it also bounces a radio signal very well.

All kidding aside tho....

How else could I possibly get a DX signal out of here? In a valley, 630 feet elevation, with an eleven story apartment building next door...I can't really come up with a decent explanation other than I'm VERY persistent. I seem to be in the right place at the right time. I think luck is a very important part also.

If I ever find an decent explanation, you'll be the first to know. :)

Scott said...

Get the 30 meter Isotron if you can. It is by far the best of the group and needs no tuning. I have had very good success with the 30 meter Isotron that I mount on a MFJ Tripod. You will be pleasantly supprised at the performance. Good DX. N3YQA

Jspiker said...

Hello Scott,

I've seriously thought of adding the 30 meter Isotron to my array here at home. Glad to hear you're having good results with yours. Thanks for the post.