My Most Recent QSO's

Friday, December 30, 2011

LX1DA Luxembourg

I heard this station (LX1DA) yesterday but couldn't work him. This morning was a successful contact (CW) on 15 meters.  I'm finding 15 meters to be a very good band for me in the morning.

I also worked ON7USB in Belgium and another Switzerland station HB9TJR, but they were SSB contacts. SSB isn't much of a challenge for me. Quite honestly, anyone can speak into a microphone. I'll work a few for amusement, but there's nothing in my book like CW. I simply like dots and dashes.

I heard a strong Hungary station (HA5AWT) in CW and a strong (SSB) station in Newfoundland  (VO1KVT)  but couldn't work them.

The contacts this morning puts me at 150 in the DX log book. A lot of people with mega stations, running mega power, would laugh at this, but I'm quite happy to have done this with QRP power and "non-gain" antennas. It's been very fun for me....


Dick said...

Nice LX contact John. Not easy. 15 meters was my favorite band as a Novice back in 1980.

73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

15 is becoming a favorite band for me too, especially with the cold winter months approaching. I find the "window" open just about every morning between 10am and noon. (local time)

I barely have enough room to hang the dipole inside the house. I've only got about a foot "free" on each end but it works.....But it's so simple. I can hang it up and take it down in just a few minutes.

I'm really surprised the LX station could hear me, and some of these guys send so fast that I have to listen for several minutes just to make sure I have the call correct.

No doubt, some of the best CW op's in the world are out there working DX.

I love the challenge. Talking into a microphone makes it too easy. hihi