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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9A204W Isle of Brac in Croatia

Today was my second contact with a station on this Croatian Island. My earlier contact on the Isle of Brac (9A4W) was made on 10 meters a few weeks before Christmas.

Although 15 meters wasn't in good shape today, I always like working islands, so was very happy to make this contact. This Croatian station is another one of many, celebrating 20 years of Ham radio (the 9A call sign) in Croatia. I've heard a lot of these stations on the air recently, and worked seven of them.

I had high hopes of working another Sweden station, (SM5CZQ) but a Canadian station was having a long QSO with him. I wasn't able to follow up afterwards, even though I had a good signal on him.

I also heard two new countries this morning. One in Estonia, and much to my disbelief, a station in Qatar (A7ICT) . The Qatar station was much too weak for me to even think of working, but I could hear him.

I finished off this morning with a German contact. DO4DXA was near Munich. 

The 15 meter dipole continues to be the best DX antenna I use here in the house. I really don't mind taking a few minutes every morning, to set it up, and take it down. Only 22 feet long, it's a "piece of cake" to get on the air. I wonder what it would do, hung outdoors, in the clear, where there's no electrical noise. So far, I've found it quite "easy" to work a DX station every morning.  Even with 5 watts (or less) of power.....

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