My Most Recent QSO's

Thursday, January 5, 2012

F6HKA on 15 meters

I heard a familiar call this morning on 15 meters. F6HKA (Bert) was sending a "whooping" signal into West Virginia and asking for SKCC numbers. He heard me very well with my 5 watts and the indoor dipole. We exchanged SKCC numbers and I went on to work several other DX stations. I've worked Bert four times now, but this was my first contact on 15 meters.

He usually sends me an electronic "card". I'll post it when it arrives.

This morning I also worked EC7DZZ and EA1EJ in Spain, LA4UOA in Norway, and IZ4NPE in Italy.

I tried desperately to work S57WJ in Slovenia but couldn't get him to hear me well enough for a good exchange.

My DX contacts are now 155. (Nine of them have been for the new year of 2012).


KL8DX said...

Awesome! Bert has such a great sounding station. I should be around this weekend and this month as K3Y/KL7 so look for me on the high bands, 10-15-20 meters. Miss ya last year so maybe this year? 73 Phil KL8DX

Jspiker said...

Hello Phil,

Thanks for the heads up on the K3Y/KL7 station! I need Alaska for WAS.

I've heard you on 20 meters but couldn't work you but I'm sure I can work you on 15 meters...I've been hearing a few K3Y stations already. I'll be listening for you.

Bert had one of the best signals from Europe (599+ and a little more) I've heard on the bands. He must have been pointed right at me. I think I could have worked him with a couple of watts but pounced on him with 5.

The "dipole" (stretched out in the upstairs room) seems to be working well for me. When the band is up, I can usually work 4 or 5 DX stations in the morning between the hours of 9-11am (local time)

KL8DX said...

I will normally pause for QRP operators so yes, please yell this way! With some minor geomagnetic activity, the bands have been poor here the last 24 hours but I'm hoping that means they will come back great before the weekend ends. I'll be listening for your callsign!! And in speaking of Bert, the bands are flat this morning but believe it or not, I heard Bert on 20 meters!