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Saturday, June 30, 2012

78 MPH Wind Damage in WV

Last nights "wind storm" here in the valley was devastating to the neighborhood. The airport recorded a 78 MPH wind gust that overturned a small airplane on the tamarack. There are 360,000 customers without electricity and the temperature is expected to be in the triple digits again today.

Last year we lost a big tree with a 60 mph gust, but it was nothing like the "down-burst" last night. The tree damage at the state capitol grounds is severe.  A quick tour on the bike resulted in these pictures.

Fortunately, we were spared major damage. We have electric service; hence the pictures and this web posting. It's going to take "days" to return to normal. I hope conditions don't repeat themselves this evening.


Jspiker said...

Hello Bert,

How true. Hihi I got a phone call from a friend that lost his G5RV as a tree fell and another friend who lost a tower. There are times I'm really glad my antenna is safe indoors.

Jspiker said...

FM Bert: PA1B

Hello john, I just saw the the weather on the east coast on the news here in The Netherlands, so I went to your Blog to see the local situation with you. Good to see that your power is working and no major damage. I hope the weather gets better. The wind can not rock your indoor Isotron. 73, Bert

VE9KK said...

Good afternoon John, it's great that all is well with you and the power is still on.

Jspiker said...

I am a VERY lucky person.