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Friday, October 5, 2012

Russia and France

I keep looking for new countries every day and I've worked Russia several times over the last few years. But this morning I couldn't resist the opportunity to work a station in Orel, Russia. The city is in the area around Moscow, and Vladimir RA3EG was sending at a speed about a blistering 30 words per minute. Fortunately, it's a easily read CW call.

By the way.....Vladimir is 19 years old! 

This Russian contact was on the 15 meter band, which I easily tuned my random wire, and according to the power meter on my tuner, I was pushing out about 3 watts again. Orel Russia is 5,114 miles in a straight line from Charleston WV. I was very happy with this contact!! 

Soon afterwards, while tuning around the 10 meter band, I heard, and worked,  a VERY strong F5NTV from Cassy-Lanton in France. I don't work a lot of 10 meter CW contacts for some reason??  Every time I hear a strong French station, I think of  Dick F8WBD. I've been listening for him, for several weeks now, on 20 meters. Sooner of later, I'll find him and make a contact....

I'm very happy with my new random wire antenna. Although it's not as efficient as a normal dipole, it seems to be working very well. Taking the time to re-tune the radio, on every band change, is well worth the effort. 


Jim said...

Hi John,

What do you use for a ground on the 50 feet wire antenna? Always looking for new ideas.


Jspiker said...

Hello Jim,

What ground ?? Absolutely nothing here. Hihi

Look back a couple of entries and there is a short video which shows the layout. I was careful to avoid the obvious RF sponges; but it basically runs the perimeter of the room, across the hall, and down a staircase. I have it tied off to the hand railing with a piece of string.

Jim said...

I will check out the video.

No ground - you lucky guy you!