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Friday, February 1, 2013

Taking a Break

This morning my DX contact was F5CQ in France. 

The temperature was 13 degrees (f) this morning with a gusty wind. Tomorrow morning I will be headed for warmer weather, sunshine and sandy beaches. I'll be off the air for at least a week. 

Unfortunately my string of consecutive DX contacts will stop at 34 and I will continue when I return home.

This evening I was able to work two additional DX stations on 30 meters. I made my third "World Championship Ski Event" contact into Austria with OE2013A from St Mitchael, and also EA3NT in Tarragona Spain.

A little earlier before working these stations, I tuned into the 40 meter QRP frequency of 7.040 and talked for a long time with an old friend in Pennsylvania. Dave (WA3SCM) has just retired and spent many a year working QRP from motels all over the country. I've worked him from at least a half dozen of them.  I'm looking forward to regular QSO's with him now, and wish him and his wife the very best of happiness with his new occupation. -----RADIO-----

Congratulations on retirement Dave !!

This is last entry for at least a week.  I'm off to C6 land. 


Jim said...

Enjoy your time away!
Best Regards,

Jspiker said...

Hello Jim,

Thanks! 72's