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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30 Meter Contacts

The thirty meter band was HOT last night and I worked several stations very quickly. My first contact was PS7HD who was using 40 watts into a junior G5RV antenna. It was a difficult contact but considering his low power, and modest antenna, I thought it was my best catch for the evening. By the way, he lives in Brazil. 

Here's a picture of a little place he uses for his radio hobby. There's tremendous electrical and wireless internet noise at his home QTH.  This is necessary to drop the noise level down to a manageable level. 

Soon afterwards, I worked HA7PJ in Hungary and he chuckled about my 3 watts and a random wire antenna.  It was a bit more than the standard handshake. 

This station in the Slovak Republic was booming in and easily worked. 

Before I shut down, I felt good about working N7QT who was transmitting from the island of St Lucia in the Caribbean. There was a significant "pile up" with this station with a wide "split". I'm usually not able to compete in these circumstances but caught him "just right" and was successful.

I saw a familiar call on the "QRP Spots" website last night. Fellow blogger W2LJ and I had a nice chat on 30 meters the night before, and he worked several stations on 30 meters too.  He worked a Hungarian station on 40 meters last night. Larry is also the featured operator on the NAQCC website this month.

I've always liked this picture. It's the perfect example of QRP radio. 

There's a link to the NAQCC website on the right side on this blog.

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