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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moving Down the Highway of Life

I spent most of yesterday afternoon traveling back and forth to the Huntington Veterans Hospital. It's Interstate driving, at around 70 mph, and takes a little over an hour, one way. My doctor had ordered a wheelchair for me and extra "tens" unit supplies. I was very happy to get both these items.

I spent little time on the radio, but managed to work a few good stations, some of which were made in the late night, and early morning hours since I still have sleepless hours because the pain in my back and leg.

I worked a familiar IK2DAD in Italy for the second time, in just a few days, and an interesting station (EA6NB) in the Balearic Islands of Spain. EA6NU lived on the largest island in the group where the classical pianist Chopin spent a winter. Chopins health was deteriorating  rapidly at this point in life but his time on this island didn't  improve his condition.

I love good classical piano music, so thought I'd highlight him in this post. He was a true genius on the keyboard. Although I play the piano, my skills are very basic. I play mostly for my own personal enjoyment on an electronic Yamaha keyboard.

This morning, around 5:30 am,  found me tossing and turning again due to the pain in my right leg. Before getting settled down again, I managed to work CO2WF in Cuba, and for the first time, I heard a reasonably strong JA4HFE in Japan. Disappointingly, I wasn't able to work him, but now I know where, and when, to listen for him. He had a good solid signal into West Virginia but it disappeared at sunrise.

The wheelchair is a great blessing for me. It allows me to move around the house, and even get outdoors in good weather, without the constant aggravation of using a cane. Our dog also likes the wheelchair and enjoys sitting on my lap when I wheel myself around the house. I think he enjoys the favorite "lap" from a little higher viewpoint now.

He helped us drive to the hospital yesterday.


Dick said...

Chopin is my favorite composer. His Nocturnes are wonderful on a summer evening. I listen whenever I am stressed or depressed. Same with Eric Sate and his Gynmopedie series.

I'm sure the wheelchair will increase your mobility.

Eyeglasses, hearing-aides, pacemakers. We weren't born with them but learn to accept their benefits.

Congrats on your most recent QRP results.

73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Good classical piano music is hard to beat; for just the reasons you say. I do the same thing many times, especially just before bed time because it calms my mind.

I'll look up Sate...not familiar with him or his series. I like Mozarts piano music very well and also Schubert.

The wheelchair has been a real blessing so far, as it allows me to move around so much easier. As for the eyeglasses, hearing aids, and pacemakers; my VA doctor says "these are the golden years 'ya know". They're not for sissies.