My Most Recent QSO's

Monday, April 15, 2013

My DX Contacts Continue

Despite the recent problems with my back; I've continued to make my daily DX contacts, and remarkably, I find playing with the radio is one of the things I can continue to enjoy. I'm able to  "sit" in relative comfort, put on my headphones, and operate in almost total silence. Several nights this week, I've found myself sleepless,  and I've hobbled into the spare room where I keep my QRP station.

This afternoon I worked an interesting station in Croatia (9A3IH). I found this video of his station on the web

I also worked ES4QR in Estonia

Some of my other recent contacts have been these stations. 

I also worked another new DX station with a contact to  J75PX in Dominica. This station marks my 80th DXCC Contact! It's always nice to add another DXCC contact! 

The contacts today mark my 59th DX contact for the month of April. 

They're also my 92nd day of daily DX. 


VE9KK said...

Good evening John, 92 days is amazing! Good to read that you are able to sit at the rig in comfort from your back. Hope it's all worked out soon.

Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

Me too, and I should receive the wheelchair soon and the new "tens" supplies. I heard from the doctor this morning and he has put the process in motion. Hopefully, I should have them in a few days.

The radio is a big help for my sanity. Hihi.