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Monday, April 1, 2013

Russia RK3ER Again and my 75th DX Day

Today marks my 75th daily DX contact. 

It was a pleasure to work Alex (RK3ER) near Moscow Russia again this morning. I recognized the call immediately because I had just worked him yesterday. I was also hearing a strong R6AF, also in Russia, but couldn't make the connection.

Working these many Russian stations the last several weeks, brings back memories of traveling along the Volga River a few years ago. While in Moscow, my wife and I spent several days in the hospital due to a minor illness. The medical staff was excellent, the service professional, and the bureaucratic system functioned smoothly and proficiently. (hint)

The economic shift towards a more capitalistic economy, I think, has been a good decision for the Russian people. I hope they're able to continue down this path.

I like traveling along the rivers of the world. It's a slow pace, and usually, a scenic one. Every day is different. Most of all, I enjoy talking to complete strangers. We all have much more in common than differences.

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