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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Russian Stations

I will spend today at my sisters home in Parkersburg where she is preparing dinner for Easter Sunday. My father will ride with my brother and girlfriend, in their car, and Marilyn and I will drive, in our car, and meet them in town. Five people in one car is a bit too much to bear for both of us.  hihi

This morning, I'm hearing some VERY strong Russian stations and fortunately, I found, and easily worked RK3ER near Moscow. I worked Alex (RK3ER) just a few days ago, so it was good to hear him again this morning. He was pushing a 599+ signal into West Virginia today; which is a fantastic signal from 5,021 miles!  

This morning makes my 10th contact into Russia. The bands seem to have returned as the geomagnetic storms have subsided and it's good to hear those DX stations again.

I'm looking forward to the Easter Sunday family gathering in Parkersburg.


Larry W2LJ said...

A very Happy Easter to you and your family, John.

Jspiker said...

Hello Larry,

And also to you and yours!