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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweden SM0BRF

This mornings span on 17 meters brought me SM0BRF in Sweden, and searching the web soon brought me to the Volvo Truck Manufacturing Plant. I worked as a diesel mechanic, for several years, before going back to school and finishing my college degree. Seeing this truck brought back memories of those days.

Keeping these machines operational was a skill which served me well in my younger days. My specialty was "air conditioning", although I could do just about anything with a diesel engine. As I continued my college work, I literally moved to just about every job in the valley that used "tractor-trailers" for their transportation. Working my "occupation" around college professors was a challenge, and I quit many employers to be able to keep class schedules.

I worked as a diesel mechanic in both the transportation and heavy equipment industries for around 10 years before I deciding to get out of this field. It paid well, but I worried I would never see a retirement account.

Spending an additional 20 years in the retail paint business provided me this luxury called retirement. The paint store didn't pay as well, but provided a savings and stock plan which allowed me to retire earlier than  most workers.

My many years of military service, both in the Navy, and the Air National Guard, gives me access to health care.

That luxury is priceless.......

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