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Friday, March 15, 2013

Denmark OZ2TF

I've been hearing several of these Denmark stations lately, and this morning I was able to work OZ2TF near Sikeborg. Ole was my third contact in Denmark this month. I worked him very quickly as today is going to be a busy day.

This station in Denmark marks my 67th day of making a daily DX contact, with three watts of power, and an indoor random wire for an antenna. Today also marks 132 DX contacts for the year 2013; all of which have been in the Morse Code mode. I think it speaks volumes about the efficiency of this mode of communication; the most simple mode of communication decipherable with only the human ear.

I'll be on the roof of the Army National Guard Armory today setting up my attachment for my 17 meter dipole at the Charleston Hamfest tomorrow. I'll be anxious to work another DX station tomorrow from that location, as it's far from an ideal spot for radio.

Regardless, I hope to bring attention to "low power radio" and the art of Morse Code.

I'll be on the air tomorrow from 1300 to 1800 GMT on the 17 meter band. My first task with be to work at least one more daily DX station, and then to call CQ on 18.096 MHz.

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