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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5th Anniversary NAQCC Event

Monday morning was the beginning of the 5th year celebration of the NAQCC (North American QRP CW Club) activities and tonight is the monthly "Sprint". (0030-0230z).

There are operators in all 10 zones so it should be the best opportunity to work the Special Event Stations. I'll be on the air as "N8A".

Monday morning was 650 mile morning for me. (1300-1400z). My first contact was N1LU in New Hampshire. I've worked Don several times in the past and it was good to hear him again.

My second contact was KE9DR in Arkansas. Bert uses an interesting radio that I had not seen before. I also heard and worked the Minnesota special event station. (N0A). All the signals were VERY weak with the solar flux at only 70.

I've only obligated myself for two hours operation every day but got back on the air in the evening and worked W3MT in Pennsylvania. Moe was sending CQ on 40 meters and I answered his call with my N8A call sign with a /N8ZYA attached to the end. We had a nice QSO about the NAQCC club and my Isotron antenna. He used one several years ago.

This morning I worked N1LU in New Hampshire again but didn't hear anyone else on the bands. Perhaps 40 and 80 meters will open up for the sprint tonight. I'll be on the air again this afternoon on 20 meters.

On another "1000 miles per watt" certificate is in the mail and I should receive it the next day or so.

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