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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Horrible Band Conditions

Last night on the NAQCC Sprint, I found the worst conditions since I've held my ticket. There was NOTHING on the QRP sections of the bands. My only contact on 40 meters was K4YMB who was QRO and heard me sending over and over into empty space. He considered it nearly a SOS although I was a 579 there.

I even checked the antenna connections, at one point, just to make sure about things but could hear stations in other places. The rig was working fine.

This morning I heard N0A again (didn't work him) and made contacts with two stations in my one hours time on 40 meters. I worked fellow NAQCC member W0EJ in PA and (can't explain why) but another station in Arkansas. (725 miles) WO5X was not a member of the club and was using normal power.

I'll be looking forward to the posts from last night but expect very low totals.

When is the sun ever going to shine?

I try to be positive on my blog but "what it is is what it is".

Propagation is real challenging now.


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, yes, it's really horrible. Today I tried to make QSO's but I was not successful. Only with WSPR beaconing on 40 meter I was reported by VK6POP 14.168 km with my 5 watts.

Jspiker said...

Hello Paul....yes, I've NEVER seen it this bad. I'm in "search and bounce" mode right now. The few calls I hear are usually there only for a few minutes. (at the most).

I think the WSPR guys are the only ones making any log book entries now.