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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Razgrad Bulgaria @ 5,219 Miles

I've been shooting for this card really hard for over a year now so was just ecstatic about receiving this from the E-QSL site yesterday.
Honestly....I thought I'd make this "1,000 mile per watt" jump only by transmitting from the mountains or waiting for the bands to improve a little more. I've been VERY close several times but just couldn't make that extra 500 miles or so....
I worked Boyan (LZ2BE) back on the 23rd of September but he only downloaded his log book recently.
My elevation here in the valley is about 600 ft, I'm between two 400 ft hills, and have a tall apartment building next door. I used an Icom 703 @ 5 watts into an "indoor mounted" Isotron antenna. It's about 20" long. Razgrad is on the "far side" of Bulgaria near Istanbul Turkey.
I'll be sending this card into the NAQCC club site as confirmation of the "1,000 mile per watt award" very soon. I'll post the "certificate" on the blog when it's issued to me.
I'm one happy camper today!


Adam said...

CONGRATULATIONS John! 1,000 Miles per Watt is a great achievement and just goes to prove we do not need to run higher powers to get fantastic distances. I can't wait to see the certificate as it is an award I am conscious of each time I check the distance of a station worked. It won't happen on SSB I shouldn't think, but PSK is a possibility. Who issues the award, is it ARCI or eQSL or someone else? Best 73s and again congrats. Adam

Unknown said...

Congratulations, John. CW rules! I'm still awaiting confirmation of my 3,000+ miles contact made using just over 1 watt with KZ1H in Boston.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello John, well done, what a great achievement. Sometimes the signals can come a long way, despite the fading sunspots to none. Congrats, keep up the good qrp work. 73, Paul PC4T

Jspiker said...

Hello Guys...and thanks for the compliments. Yes....CW rocks. I don't think I could have done it any other way.

Adam...I've been a member of the NAQCC club for several years and will get the certificate from them.

They are a strickly QRP CW Club. I work more QRP contacts with them than any other club.

Julian...hope you get a response from the Boston station soon. Great job with less power and a greater distance!

Paul...I even surprized myself with this one. I've worked 4,500 miles several times with the solar flux at 60-65. I think it was only the high 60's or low 70's on this day.

Just goes to show there's always hope for that rare contact with a simple set up.

bathmate said...

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