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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

N8A Log Book

I put the finishing touches on my N8A Log Book this morning and sent it, and a summary, to those keeping the records for the week long 5th Anniversary NAQCC Celebration. I enjoyed participating and will look forward to the event next year about this time.
It's different being the one pursued in a contest. I hope all call signs, times, freq's, and dates reflect accuracy. Some of the stations I worked were VERY weak. (there were a LOT of 229's). I found it a GREAT way to add QRP (especially NAQCC members) to my growing list of club stations.

I worry that my location here in the valley and antenna configuration was a "little too much" for some stations to work and I was really glad that another station near Akron Ohio (KB8FE) was able to jump in for a few calls near the weekend.

Those that worked me really "earned" the rare #8 call of N8A.

My totals were :
Total Number of QSO’s = 22
Club 5th Anniversary Stations = 3 ---N2A, N3A, N0A
Club Members = 14
States= 14
Dx Stations= 1 (France)
Canadian Stations = 2

My States List: Alabama , Arkansas, Canada (2), Illinois, Michigan (2), Minnesota, New Jersey (2) New York, New Mexico, New Hampshire (2), Pennsylvania (2), Texas (2), Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

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