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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Photo from Wikipedia

Yesterday, I found N4EX/P participating in a special event with "Summits On The Air" He was transmitting from "Split Rock Mountain" (W2/GA-467)  in upper New York state. It appears to be a "first time activation" according to the SOTA website. His partner (WA2USA) wasn't on the key at the time, but I have a common connection with him because of his affiliation with "WW2LST".  If you look back on this blog, you will find me using the ships transmitter while it was docked on the Ohio River near my sisters home.

Living in West Virginia, mountains have a special appeal to me. From a radio operators perspective, mountains are the ultimate transmitting locations but I fear they are rapidly vanishing.

This video is a short explanation:


Dick said...

I'm as mad as hell, John. All the SOBs profiting from this and other rapes of the land, are living in gated, guarded communities. When everything is destroyed, including the nation's economy, they will be moving themselves and their money to those Pacific and Caribbean islands they have been purchasing.

Happily, they will drown when those islands are covered with salt water as a result of climate change.

Had to comment. Sorry about the raw language.

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Most people (outside of Appalachia) have no idea how destructive this method of mining is to our state. They don’t know the difference between “mountain top removal mining” and “deep mining”. The only thing they know about “coal” is that it comes out of the ground, and provides electricity to the big cites in America. Little do they realize that most of WV’s “top quality coal” ends up in China, and consequently, benefits us very little.

I’m sure this short video is an “eye opener” to many people.

Last week, several hundred protestors walked 50 miles (in this 90+ degree heat) from the small town of Marmet (just outside of Charleston) to the city of Blair, near Logan country. The goal was to bring attention to “MTR” and stop it.

Voter apathy and ignorance is running rampant in this country. I think, during the last few decades, we’ve allowed gangsters and crooks to captain the ship of state. During our generation, they carried violin cases and wore pin stripped suits. This generation, they’re carrying briefcases and shuffling stocks and bonds; I see very little difference between them.

Sometimes, moving this country forward (or preventing it from moving backwards) is like trying to steer the Queen Mary with a pair of oars. I often fear our current course is headed towards a shallow reef. I wonder if we will ever return to a safe harbor.

BTW/ don’t worry about the language, this old sailor has heard much worse.