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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Madeira Island is a unique place off the coast of Africa which I worked for only the second time this morning on 17 meters. I've seen these small "aqueducts" in South America, or what I should say, what's left of them, but didn't know they were still used on this small island. They're used to transport water, which is abundant on one side of the island, but almost non-existent on the other side. Those stone steps beside them are also great hiking trails of which Madeira has hundreds of miles.

This morning when I worked CT3FT, I thought not of canals, but wine made with a unique process developed on this island. Being a traveler, one quickly learns "not to drink the water" in most parts of the world, and besides, good Madeira Red Wine is a blessing in more ways than one. I love it!

Getting back on the air this morning felt good and I was able to work a total of six DX stations. I made my 30th contact in Germany with DL1DGS. The station in Nicaragua (YN9SU) was the loudest I've ever heard him and I worked him for the 8th time. Next came IK4VFD in Italy. He was my 18th contact in this country, and the 4th time I've worked him. Soon afterward, I worked OM3SEM in the Slovak Republic, for a total of 12 times. My last contact was HB9CVQ in Switzerland; of whom I worked just before leaving for warmer weather.

For those who missed my clue to C6 land, We ended up in the Bahamas Islands last week. We spent only a few days there but it was warm sunshine and cool breezes.

I prefer the simple life and had a great time using local transportation and viewing local sights:


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi John, I see, you had a great time in the Bahamas's. Wow, good weather is always fine. I long for spring time, the winter takes too long now. 73 Paul

Jspiker said...

Hello Paul,

Me too....winter is also not my favorite time of year. We rented bicycles and peddled around a small island called Castaway Cay. Its not much bigger than a square mile. hihi

I'm back to my morning DX contact again. This morning I worked FG5FR in Guadeloupe and EW8O in Belarus. I've worked them both previously but it was nice to log them again.