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Saturday, April 25, 2009

California at 2,029 Miles

This morning around 7:30 AM (1130z) I heard W6DDB working several stations on the 7058 MHz Fists frequency. Bill was "moving along pretty quickly " (I'd say conservatively about 30 wpm) so I had to listen carefully to get the call right. Six (something I don't hear often on 40 meters) followed by the DD, followed by the B, was hard for me to copy. (I admit that's a little too fast for me).

I listened as Bill gave his Lancaster, CA QTH, name, and a few details with the other station.

When I was (again) sure about the "6" and the DDB, and California, I sent my call for the contact!

I was quite shocked when he responded immediately with QRZ YA ?

He immediately lowered his speed to match mine and we exchanged RST, Names, and QTH. He then described his location a little North of Los Angeles and his "Windom" Antenna. I was ecstatic when he sent my 559 report and I responded with my QRP @ 5 watts and indoor Isotron Antenna. I also said I didn't get many "across the US" contacts!

QRM then became a factor, although it was (California time) 4:30am for him, I'd say he has a "real good pair of ears" out there. (I'm waiting for a return e-mail)
I think Bill (W6DDB) had the BEST signal I've ever heard out of California on 40 meters!

Little did I know at the time, that he is a writer for CQ Magazine (many many stories). He's also well know for his dedication to working "slow beginning stations". A quick "google" of the call sign brings up "tons" of information about his determination and "good operator skills".

He's also quoted as saying the "Carolina Windom" is the best wire antenna he and his wife have ever used on the bands! Considering the signal I heard this morning, I'd say that was accurate!

Bill is Fists Member #1525

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