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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dayton Hamfest QSO

This afternoon, I had a nice LONG 'QSO' with a previous operator near Elmira New York. I talked to Jack (WB2FXK) a few months ago, and in the matter of a few days, received a really fine QSL card from him. He lives in a small town called Horseheads, NY. (You can "google" it and find out more about the town).

We remembered each other early in the QSO and (happy to say) the conversation started revolving around the upcoming Dayton Hamvention . The "standard QSO" gets a little mundane at times and it's always exciting to 'rag chew' for awhile about different things happening in the world.

He gets a bang out of the "FISTS Club" (me too) and you will probably find him somewhere near their booth. He also loves "fleas". This year, the convention starts on the weekend of May 15th and if you attend, I'd say you'd find at least 20,000 Hams wandering about the grounds.

Before retirement, I worked in the retail industry and worked weekends for most of 21 years. (need I say more?) He motivated me when he said he won a prize a few years ago from Kenwood! And talking with him today sure makes me want to spend some time exploring the aisle's and displays in Dayton. I'd especially like to view the 'QRP' booths.

But this year I'll be taking care of the grand kids while my daughter and her husband spend a well deserved "vacation" by themselves at the beach. But maybe next year (don't have that retail job anymore) I'll be able to drive up and gander at all the gear.

I worked another interesting station today on 20 meters. Gary (AB0BM) and I had a nice QSO from his home town in Quimby, Iowa. That's not a real distant station (especially on 20 meters) but I was surprised to continue the conversation for nearly an hour. At 800 miles, I found it rather fascinating. Gary is also a "FISTS" member, and a SKCC member. We even exchanged "area code" numbers.

I also heard WB5QYT in New Mexico, but couldn't exchange the necessary info for confirmation. Tom is almost 1,400 miles from me here in WV. (I copied his call and name) I sent him an e-mail with the hopes of working him when the band is in a little better shape.

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