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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Stats Counter

I'm encouraged by what I see on my "Stat Counter" today. This year I've surpassed 2,000 "hits" on my site (2600 since the beginning). It tells me there are a lot of people interested in Ham Radio, and especially Morse Code and QRP operation.

One of the real benefits of this "counter" is it's ability to categorize data into meaningful segments. (percentages and statistics etc). I can also display the data in both "bar graphs" and "area graphs". I really like this feature!

I have a "good percentage" of "return visitors". I've had 646 "first time" visitors and of those, 383 of them have "returned" for another visit. (42% of those visits have returned 10 or more times). Of those, 22% have browsed for more than one hour.

That's encouraging for me.

Most of the viewings on my site have to do with Morse Code, QRP operation, and Antenna's and "currently" I've had visitors from 19 different countries. I'm surprised to see 74 from Belgium, 65 from France, and 12 from Poland. I'm not sure how often this data "refreshes" itself , but I know that my current data is "maxed out" at 500 entries.

There are several "hits" not currently showing on the world map but I've seen entries in South America, Cuba, and China which aren't in the display now.

I'd like to thank those who regularly read my journal today.

I hope you continue to read my comments and share with me your adventures with your radio. I know this sounds biased, but I don't understand why everyone doesn't invest time in a "radio related hobby". I've found it to be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

Thanks Again and Happy Trails to All....

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