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Sunday, April 12, 2009

SKCC Weekend Sprint

I was happy to work a few stations on the Straight Key Century Club's Weekend Sprint today. I had forgotten all about it until I heard K1NNJ this "Easter Morning". He was also the last station I heard before the end of the contest.

It was a busy day today with many things happening other than radio. I was gone most of the morning and returned about 11am to work another station (KD8FVG). Off again for a nice hike in the woods and returned to work 4 more stations. K1PUB, W9DLN, KC9KOJ, and KC0EEP.

I worked Tori (KC0EEP)a few weeks ago and she heard me in the contest. I was surprised she could hear my QRP station from Missouri.

My last contact was N0UMP but I didn't submit him in the log entries for the contest. (sent in about 2300z) I didn't spend a lot of time working these stations but it was a lot of fun and a great contest.

I'll never make big scores (QRP and an indoor antenna) but considering I don't have extra filters in the rig, I'm very happy to make the one's I do.

I'll have a little advantage (QRP) and had the luck to work several (3) "T"and (2) "C" stations.
I'll be watching the scores on the web, to see how I did in a brief two hours.

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