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Sunday, January 18, 2009

2020 20 Meter Contacts

This weekend was the North American QSO Party and I quickly worked stations on 20 meters (just to give out a few contacts) at distances of 1,000--1,500--and (yes) another 2,020 mile contact into San Diego. (actually two of them).

The San Diego station (K6AM) was especially surprised to hear my "QRP" status.

Many times (when time is precious) I'll try to work a few "contest stations" (it seems always on the weekends).

But this morning, I've been listening for Steve (N0TU) in Colorado. He hikes with the "goats" (Peanut and Rooster). BBBrrrrrrr.....I bet it was cold out there today!

The band just isn't UP today and I've heard very little on either 20 or 30 meters.

It's often been said that Amateur Radio is a lot like fishing. You never know what you're going to catch when you throw the line in the water. It's certainly true today....

On a positive note: (a few days ago) I worked a station (QRP) in Mass ( I can never spell that name) but the call is N1PQ and the name is Peter. We couldn't hear each other very well but exchanged the basics.

I got a bigger kick out of the 5 watt signal at 600 miles, on the 40 meter band, than I did with the "California" stations on 20 meters. It was a little more of a challenge....

I considered the fishing a little better in this stream....

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