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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My 300th Contact

I've been logging my Ham Radio contacts into my "Microsoft Outlook Program" for a few years now. I like the "search features" and with the right "format", I've found nothing that works any better for my radio hobby.

I create my own "custom" categories within this system. My "favorites" are "FISTS, NAQCC, SKCC, QRP, QRPp, and DX. You can create as many as you like....and at the end of the year, it's easy to find ALL my contacts and sort them out into ANY group. I also like the ability to "cut and paste" e-mails and pictures sent to me.

This morning I ran a search for this years contacts. (2009) and found 16 in the log. Ten of those are FISTS members, two of them are QRP contacts, three of those are "more than once contacts", there are 11 states, 3 "Area Code Award" contacts and.... my longest 40 meter contact yet... into California.

The possibilities are endless and I plan to always continue logging my "radio contacts" in this system!

This morning, as I was looking at the "numbers" I realized that WA0FU in Jacksonville Florida was my 300th Contact. I've talked to Bob twice this year and it's especially nice to see his "Weirton, WV" info on the QRZ site and also his NAVY experience.
Bob also uses the E-QSL system and I've sent 2 cards to him on the site.

As I was looking at my "DX" contacts, I noticed two stations (Cuba and Puerto Rico) on the E-QSL membership list. I worked both those stations from the Outer Banks of North Carolina last year. It will be nice to get those "cards" (I'll have them printed on nice "card stock" and add them to my collection).

If you haven't looked at the E-QSL site will be surprised at the "growth" this month. They have taken a BIG jump in membership!

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