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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ahhh...The Taste of FOX

It's been awhile since I've "bagged" a "pelt" on the "Fox Hunts". There are two every week. (One on 40 meters and one on 80 meters). Last night I bagged the 80 meter (N4DD) fox near the end of the contest when he quit using the "split" to transmit and recieve.

I'd been listening to him most of the night (0200-0330z) but couldn't pull him out of brush. There were lot's of barking from many hounds....three of us in WV caught him!

Ahhh......taste of roasting fox on an open fire is REALLY fine!

Thursday evening, Dennis (N4DD) will be running through the woods again but this time... 40 meters. My gut feeling is that he will be a little too close on 40....maybe the other fox will be at the right distance.
There's a permanent link to the "FOX HUNTERS" on the right hand side of my web page. ----->

This is a GREAT contest to work a few QRP stations!

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